#ASDailyScoop: Google Translate adds 24 languages, includes Afaan Oromo, Tigrinya

Addis Abeba – Google announced that it has added 24 new languages to its translation platform, Google Translate, including Afaan Oromo and Tigrinya. These 24 languages are spoken by over 300 million people, incorporating languages spoken by less than a million people to those spoken by 45 million people. 

Google stated that it added this new collection of languages to offer support to “languages with very large but underserved populations”, noting that most of these languages were located in Africa and the Indian subcontinent. “This ranges from smaller languages, like Mizo spoken by people in the northeast of India — by about 800,000 people — up to very large world languages like Lingala spoken by around 45 million people across Central Africa,” said Isaac Caswell, a Google Translate Research Scientist.
This new set of additions brings the total languages incorporated in the translation service up to 133. Google noted these newly added languages will be live starting today but will take a couple of days to reach users worldwide. AS

Additions include the following:

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