A Tigrayan woman refugee in Sudan. Photo: UNFPA By Zelalem Takele @ZelalemTak11163 & Mihret G/kristos @MercyG_kirstos Addis Abeba – On 09 November 2020, Selam (name changed for her protection) from the town of Humera, Western Tigray, embarked on the most terrifying journey of her life. The war which erupted

Domestic debt witnessed a significant increase of 14% since June 2022, soaring to an astonishing 1.7 trillion birr by the end of March 2023 (Photo: thehindubusinessline.com/) Addis Abeba – Despite the government's efforts to curtail borrowing, Ethiopia's public debt is experiencing a rapid increase and shows no signs

Debre Damo, a historic monastery has allegedly been looted, and bombed during the conflict in Tigray (Photo: thetimes.co.uk) By Mihret G/kristos @MercyG_kirstos Addis Abeba – The Tigray war, which later spilled over to the neighboring Amhara and Afar regions, has resulted in the loss of countless lives, the destruction of historical