#ASDailyScoop: Unidentified gunmen kill four people in Gambella refugee camp, two more in local district

Gambella Police Commissioner, Abula Ubong. Picture: regional media

Addis Abeba: Four people were killed by unidentified individuals at a refugee camp located in Merkes Kebelle, Dima Woreda of Gambella regional state, according to the regional state’s Police Commission.

Abula Ubong, Commissioner of Gambella Regional State Police Commission, said that four people were killed in an attack by unidentified individuals around 9:30 PM local time on Saturday 21 May. The attack happened inside Okugo Refugee Camp, seven KM from Dima city, the report said.

According to the UN, Okugo refugee camp, located in the southern part of Gambella region, hosts South Sudanese refugees of whom majority come from Jonglei state fleeing communal conflict. “The main ethnic groups are Anyuak (64%), Murle (32%) and others (4%). The refugees are mainly farmers and pastoralists,” data from the UN shows.

Furthermore, Abula Ubong said that two more people who were riding on a motorbike were gunned down on Saturday at around 10.30 AM local time by yet another unidentified gunmen in Merkes Kebelle.

Dima woreda police and local militias are on the scene pursuing the suspects, Commissioner Abula said. He called on community participation to assist security forces and strengthened efforts to capture perpetrators. AS

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