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Pictures: AMC Addis Abeba - The Security Councils of the Debre Birhan, Kombolcha and Sekota cities in Amhara regional state imposed curfews on peoples and vehicles, movement restrictions, bans on unauthorized public gatherings, and carrying weapons unauthorized by security forces, among others. https://twitter.com/addisstandard/status/1564170567615451140?s=20&t=b48AsNv1scG0tm_c6OW-NA It follows similar decisions by

Addis Abeba's financial district By Ayele Gelan (Ph.D.) @AyeleGelan Addis Abeba: No sooner than when Safaricom arrived in Addis Abeba did it encounter turbulence. It seems Safaricom’s managers did not consider the differences between the business environments in Ethiopia and Kenya. The company was engaged in undertaking