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Ari traditional dance (Photo: Authors) By Prof. Gebre Yntiso Deko & Dr. Asress Adimi Gikay @DrAsressGikay Ethiopia - The Mosaic of People One of the defining features of Ethiopia is its diversity - ethnic, linguistic, and religious. The country is considered as a museum of ethnic groups and

A scene inside one of Ethiopia's infamous textile factories (Photo: foreignpolicy.com) By Zelalem Takele @ZelalemTak11163 Addis Abeba – In the last two decades, Ethiopia has undergone a remarkable economic transformation, with a focus on industrialization to drive growth. Through strategic plans and policies, the country has made significant progress

Tolera Ragassa, former Nekemte City Mayor (Photo: Nekemte Communication/Facebook) Addis Abeba - The Oromia regional state’s council, Caffee Oromia, has revoked the immunity of one of its members, the former mayor of Nekemte City Tolera Ragassa who was imprisoned in April allegedly accused of having connection