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Oppostion Parties

Addis Abeba Mayor Adanech Abiebie addressing the city's council on Tuesday. Photo: Mayor's office. Addis Abeba - Addressing the regular assembly of the city’s council, Addis Abeba mayor Adanech Abiebie spoke on Tuesday about the challenges she said her administration has had to grapple with

Nationwide consultations on transitional justice policy options was launched on Monday 06 March (Picture: ETV) Addis Abeba - Several leaders of opposition political parties who were invited to take part in the ongoing nationwide consultations on transitional justice policy options have walked out of a meeting

Ailing high ranking OLF officials Kennasa Ayana, Dawit Abdeta, Geda Gebissa and Geda Oljirra (PhD), Photo: Social Media Addis Abeba -  Kennasa Ayana, member of the central committee of the opposition Oromo Liberation  Front (OLF) and three other senior officials of the party have been critically