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Oppostion Parties

Habtamu Kitaba, former executive member of Ezema (Photo:Ezema/Facebook) Habtamu Kitaba, a founding committee member of the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (EZEMA) Party, played a pivotal role as an executive within the party structure. Throughout his career, Mr. Habtamu held various  positions, notably serving as the

Victims of the killings in Ambo, and Guji (Photo: Social Media) By Getahun Legesse @Birmaduu2 Addis Abeba - Residents in Ambo district in West Shoa zone of the Oromia regional state said government forces shot dead four people of one family, and injured two others accusing them

The late Bekele Kacha (Photo: Saden Sodo Communication Office) Addis Abeba - Bekele Kacha, administrator of Saden Sodo district in South West Shoa zone of the Oromia region has been gunned down by an unidentified armed group on 20 June, according to the district’s communication office. Circumstances