Homeself determination

self determination

Protesters in Gamo zone reject the distribution of administrative offices for the Southern Ethiopia region (Photo: AS Source) Addis Abeba - Residents in the newly established Southern Ethiopia region and the Kembata Tembaro zone of the forthcoming Central Ethiopia region which were formerly part of the

By Mirgissa Kaba, Feyera Senbeta & Girma Gutema Background The chronic contradictions of the Ethiopian state have been analyzed by various scholars both from the perspectives of history and political science. The renowned Ethiopian historian Teshale Tibebu dubbed it the “anomaly” and “paradox” of Africa in his

Ari traditional dance (Photo: Authors) By Prof. Gebre Yntiso Deko & Dr. Asress Adimi Gikay @DrAsressGikay Ethiopia - The Mosaic of People One of the defining features of Ethiopia is its diversity - ethnic, linguistic, and religious. The country is considered as a museum of ethnic groups and