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Ethiopia’s Multinational Federalism

Members of the Oromo cultural team during the 2023 Fiche Chambalala celebrations in Hawassa, Sidama (Photo: Abiy Ahmed Ali/Facebook) By Milkessa M. Gemechu (PhD) @milkessam Addis Abeba - Ever since Abiy Ahmed became prime minister of Ethiopia in 2018, there have been attempts to depict his political

Irrechaa celebration, December 2021 (Photo: Social Media) By Mirgissa Kaba @MirgissaK & Girma Gutema @Abbaacabsa Background Various interest groups who tend to see political developments in Ethiopia in as balanced way as possible may read Dr. Yonas Biru’s writing entitled “Averting Civil War in Ethiopia: An emergency Manifesto” with

A group of Ethiopians waiving the flag of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Photo: Prosperity Party.   By Bizuneh Yimenu @BizunehYimenu Addis Abeba - Since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed seized power in 2018 through popular anti-government protests, the ideology of imperial Ethiopia has been revitalized, and