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Tigray regional state

Dori Asgedom - Chairman of the Assimba Democratic Party (ADP). Picture: social media. By Medihane Ekubamichael @Medihane Addis Abeba - Two years have gone already since Dori Asgedom, Chairman of the Assimba Democratic Party (ADP), Tigray based opposition party, is locked behind bars in Addis Abeba. Before

Eritrean forces in Shire town on the eve of Epiphany (Timket) on 18 January. Photo: Haphtom Berhe Addis Abeba – US Ambassador to the UN Security Council (UNSC), Linda Thomas Greenfield, said on Saturday, in Nairobi that the that Eritrean troops did not withdraw from Ethiopia,

Major General Teshome Gemmechu. Photo: ENDF Addis Abeba - There is no other security force in the Tigray region apart from the Federal Defense Forces, said Major General Teshome Gemmechu Directorate General of Defense Foreign Relations and Military Cooperation of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF).