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Tigray regional state

Nada Al-Nashif, UN’s Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights speaking during #HR52 (Picture: UNHCHR) Addis Abeba – The United Nations Human Rights Council says the withdrawal of Eritrean army from Ethiopia’s Tigray region remains slow despite reports of its commencement, and emphasized the need for continued

Tigray leader Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD), Tigray Combatants Chief Commander General Tadesse Werede among others leading the IRA establishing conference (Picture: DW) Addis Ababa - The Tigray region has announced that it has finished preparations to establish Interim Regional Administration (IRA) pursuant to the Pretoria peace agreement

Logo of Dimtsi Woyane Television and Radio (DW) (Picture: DW) By Mihret G Kristos @MercyG_kirstos Addis Abeba: Several journalists at the TPLF owned Dimtsi Woyane Television and Radio (DW) headquartered in Mekelle, Tigray region, have resigned from their jobs in protest against lack of editorial freedom and bad