Kenya – the home to authentic safari

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In many ways Kenya is the ultimate destination for Africa’s authentic safari. A luxury travel in the country provides travelers with an intimate window into the heart of Africa!
Located near the equator, Kenya offers savannahs teeming with game and cultures as old as time and unchanged by the modern world – forests, snow-capped peaks, deserts, beaches and one of the most fascinating coral reefs in the world.

The entire spectrum of luxury hotels, tented camps, and endless opportunity for adventure and breathtaking moments of discovery wrapped with the warmth of the people is what makes your safari luxurious and memorable. The next time you book your flight for this type of unfor¬gettable experience, you will be spoilt for choice ranging from hot air balloon safari to swimming with the dolphins, and many more.
Hot air balloon safari

For honeymooners, leisure seekers, or for ordinary couple wishing to enjoy their excursion in Kenya perhaps this is an opportunity to exchange vows while aboard a balloon safari in Maasai Mara- one of the world’s famous National Game Reserves. The balloon safari enables you to traverse the vast savannah, have a perfect view of the big five, and timely catch a perfect view of the new 8th wonder of the world that is the wildebeest migration among other differ¬ent species of
Swimming with the dolphins

Swim with the dolphins and later on search for sun and sand, Kenya offers you a tropical sunshine, blue skies and endless silver-white beaches backed by waving palms and tranquil lagoons.
Spa and relaxation

With the excitement of a relaxing beach holiday and a photo-snap¬ping game safari, Kenya has thrown in an equally exciting recipe to the holiday menu that guarantees total relaxation while invigorat¬ing the mind, body and soul at the same time. It is at our many up to the standard hotels and beach re¬sorts that boast a well-equipped spa manned by highly trained therapists.
Having a spa treatment, be it a sim¬ple massage or a hot stone massage that sinks deeper into the muscle tis¬sues, is an excellent way for someone to unwind and pull down the stress levels.
For the leisure traveler, a spa visit helps to reduce the stress in their bodies and energizes them for the following days’ activities. Hotels, lodges, camps and other accommoda¬tion facilities are more than before becoming aware of this facility – Spa that is almost becoming a must.


Want to enjoy exclusive relaxation away from multitudes? Kenya has an opportunity for you. Sever¬al top-notch and luxury lodges across the country are ready for you. Their exclusivity gives you unrivalled chance to share the pleasures of the moment, exchange vows, dream big and think of sweet life. You are accorded with specialized attention to meet your expectations; imagine dining in the wild; Watching the sun sink over the savanna, few evenings as special as those spent around the blazing fire of a tented camp, a dhow for two to a tropical island where lunch is served beneath a palm tree is all for you to sample.

But beyond the adrenalin filled adventure, Kenya also offers varied delicacies that meet the taste buds of different prefer¬ences. From the back packers to the newlyweds in a quaint restaurant, to the families in the five star hotels, a sumptuous culinary experience can be expected. Kenyan cuisine mir¬rors the unique lifestyle of the various ethnic groups in the country. 

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