News: Addis Abeba City Administration cautions residents to register weapons in Two days

Kenea Yadeta (PhD) , the head of Addis Abeba peace and security bureau
Photo: ENA

By Getahun Tsegaye @GetahunTsegay12

Addis Abeba, November 2/2021- The Addis Abeba city administration cautioned residents to register weapons within two days. In a statement discussing current affairs, the city’s peace and security bureau called on residents who own weapons including those with permits to have them registered within Two days. 

The head of the peace and security bureau Kenea Yadeta (PhD) told a local news outlet that a system was put in place where the residents of Addis Abeba are organized and work in tandem with security forces to do surveillance. 

“Despite Addis Ababa being in peace, individuals trying to wreak havoc have been arrested,” Kenia said, adding, “ After registering weapons, directives were set for residents to use them to protect their surroundings.” If individuals who own a firearm are unable to protect their area, they will  entrust it to authorities or hand it over to a  close person or government,according to Kenea. 

He pointed out that security check points will be set up at various areas, including residential homes and business centers to ensure peace in Addis Abeba and concluded by calling on residents of the city to cooperate. 

This comes on the same day that the city administration established a joint task force to safeguard the peace and security of the city by taking strident legal measures against those who are “supporters” and are “nostalgic of the TPLF.” AS

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