News Alert: Addis Abeba Joint Peace and Security Task Force announces taking strident measures on “supporters & TPLF nostalgic” individuals

Addis Abeba, November 02/2021 – The joint task force established to safeguard the peace and security of the city of Addis Abeba announced that it has intensified taking strident legal measures against those who are “supporters: and are “nostalgic of the TPLF.” It also warned “those who spread false information to refrain” from engaging in such activities.

In a statement issued via state media, the joint task force comprising of the National Security and Intelligence Service (NISS) Federal and Addis Abeba Police as well as Oromia Police, has announced that it has taken decisive legal actions against those that threatening the peace and security of the city.

It cautioned residents of the city that they should be aware the presence of, and check, the identities of house tenants who rent houses in groups; individuals or groups who are supporters and are nostalgic of the TPLF and are meeting in conspicuous places.

The task force also said it had received information that “the terrorist group and its supporters were planning to use counterfeit uniforms of security forces to confuse the public and carry out their criminal activities.”

It has cautioned residents who rent houses, businesses, warehouses and vehicles to be vigilant of the identity of the tenants and to immediately report suspicious information to the police nearby. AS

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