News analysis: Police says Kibrom Worku released; Eyasped tesfaye, Meaza Mohammed not brought to court as of yet

(Left to right) Kibrom Worku, Meaza Mohammed, Eyasped Tesfaye

By Addis Standard Staff

Addis Abeba, December 14,2020-  Kibrom Worku, the editor and head of the news department of Ahadu Radio and TV remains in detention after court ordered his release on November 12, 2021 while the Two online media co founders Eyasped Tesfaye and Meaza Mohammed have not been brought to court since their arrest on December 8 and December 10 respectively. 

Kibrom’s lawyer Tigabu Desalegn said that Addis Abeba police told the federal high court Lideta  bench that Kibrom is released from prison on November 18, 2021, Six days after Arada First Instance Court granted 15,000 ETB bail. Kibrom was arrested by Addis Abeba police on October 22, 2021 after his media reported that forces loyal to TPLF have taken over Hayik, a small town in South wollo zone. Kibrom’s father as well as his lawyer told Addis Standard that he has not yet been released. His lawyer recalled that he issued habeas corpus at Lideta high court on November 25 2021. According to him, yesterday the court asked Addis Abeba police to explain why journalist Kibrom was not released. “The police insisted that he was released on November 18 2021,” he said, adding, “But the police didn’t present any evidence documents to show the court.” The court gave an alternative appointment to investigate December 21, 2021, Tigabu explained.  

Kibrom’s father Worku Abraha on his part disclosed to Addis standard  that he received information that his son is detained at a police station in Akaki Kaliti sub city, commonly known as ‘Abba Samuel’. He said, “But we can’t see him because the police deny that he is in there whenever we go to visit him,” adding, “If my son had a connection with TPLF like they said, I would be the first person to have him arrested. I am not pro TPLF neither is my son.” He went on to express his suspicion that his son was arrested because of his name, “If he had truly made a professional mistake in his work, the police  should have been able to charge him in accordance to the law.”

On the other hand, co-founder of online media outlet Roha Media and former journalist at Abbay media, Meaza Mohammed has not yet appeared in the court of law since her arrest on Saturday December 10, 2021 according to her husband Robel Gebeyehu. “Her defense team is planning to issue a habeas corpus,” Robel said. Addis Standard also found out from his close friends that Eyasped Tesfaye, activist and co-founder of youtube channel Ubuntu has not been brought to court since his arrest on December 8,2021.  AS

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