News: Oromia State decides leadership, people to join the fight “to save country”

Shimelis Abdissa, President of the Oromia National Regional State. Picture: Mereja TV

Addis Abeba, November 01/2021 – The Oromia National Regional State Government called on all regional government leaders to diligently lead the struggle and make the “necessary sacrifices for tomorrow’s victory”. It also calls on Qeerroos and Qeerrees (the youth) as well as the entire people of the region to remain vigilant and work closely with the security forces.

The regional state also called on its regional special forces, police, militia and other security structure to stand by the people and their government to protect, as usual, and sustain the freedom we gained through our blood from the frantic junta that is trying to retake it.

On community level, the regional state government called on the clergy, the Aba Gedaas, Hadah Siqees (women community leaders), and the elders play their “irreplaceable roles in motivating, monitoring, building internal unity and working for our victory in the ongoing struggle to eradicate this enemy of the country that is working to enslave our people for another round.”

The Statement said the regional state government will never forget the suffering, pain, abuse, contempt, imprisonment, massacre, destruction and persecution that the the junta, the cancer of the county” as inflicted on the people and our great nation for more than a quarter of a century. The regional state vowed that it “has no choice but to preserve the freedom with blood and “move to our heights.”

It also promises to continue to intensify the struggle to eradicate extremist and hostile groups “breathing with the lung of the junta” within the region and external networks. It vowed that the regional state will soon turn the long-held dreams of its enemies to use internal traitors in order to turn Oromia into a war-torn country into a nightmare.

It further lamented: “We have no identity, no history, no psychology to surrender the freedom brought about by missing limbs and split blood to the power of arrogance and contempt. We don’t have the shoulder to carry re-enslavement. It is the people who have made the change – the people who will preserve it.”

It said that the regional government was “well aware that our fight is not only with the Junta, but also with foreign and domestic agents of destruction who have evil interests and are plotting with the evil group to destroy Ethiopia.” Thus, while our struggle is costly, it is worthwhile, and “we have no doubt that we are the ones who will have the final victory”.

The regional government took the occasion “to express our sincere respect for our heroic defense forces, other security forces and the people of our country who are fighting to protect the country from the terrorist junta group. The fight is against the Oromo’s and all Ethiopians’ historical enemies.” AS

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