News: Sole opposition party to join Tigray IA determined to peaceful struggle despite reservations as region unveils interim cabinet

Baitona Abai Tigray leaders – Tsegazeab Kahsu (PhD) and Kidane Amen.

Addis Abeba – Baitona Abai Tigray, one of the major opposition political parties and the only one to join the recently formed Tigray Interim Administration said that it is determined to continue peaceful struggle from within the Interim Administration (IA) despite its reservations on the formation of the administration.  

Tsagazeab Kahsu (PhD), chairman of Baitona, said “despite dissatisfactions in connection to fairness and inclusion of the establishment of the IA” the party’s central committee decided for two of its leaders to join the IA during a meeting held from 01 to 05 March 2023.

Moges Gebre Ghosho and Tadele Mengistu of the opposition group were appointed as the interim administration’s Water and Energy and Transport Bureaus heads respectively, as the interim administration announced list of its cabinet on Wednesday.

The two notable military leaders during the two years war between Ethiopian federal government and the Tigrayan forces that ended last November, Lt. General Tsadkan Gebretensae and Lt. General Tadesse Werede held the positions of Democratization and Good Governance, and Peace and Security Secretariats respectively.

According to reports 51% of the cabinet is held by TPLF whereas the remaining 49% is given to Tigray forces, intellectuals and the opposition Baitona.

Kidane Amen, who claims to be the legal chairman of the Baitona party, however, told Addis Standard that the two members of the party appointed in the IA were not elected by the party’s Central Committee, accusing them of working with the ruling TPLF without the party’s due consent. 

The new interim cabinet led by interim president Getachew Reda has taken over the responsibility of administering the region yesterday, 05 April 2023. AS

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