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Ethiopia Crisis

Members of HoF. Picture: HoF, archive Addis Abeba, November 07/2020 – Ethiopia’s House of Federation has this morning voted to establish a transitional government in Tigray regional state. On September 09 Tigray regional state has unilaterally conducted the 6th election for the regional council, which was

Heiko Maas, Germany's Minister of Foreign Affairs. Picture: German Foreign Office Addis Abeba, November 06/2020 - In a statement released late this afternoon, Heiko Maas, Germany's Minister of Foreign Affairs, said the fighting between federal and regional forces of Tigray was "a great

Addis Abeba, November 06/2020 - Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has confirmed that the Ethiopian Air Force has conducted airstrikes yesterday targeting various places where rocket launchers and other heavy weaponry were found in Tigray during the military engagement between federal and Tigray region forces