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Ethiopia Crisis

Eritrean refugee children play in the Hitsats refugee camp in Tigray region near the Eritrean border. Picture: Tiksa Negeri/Reuters Addis Abeba, November 11/2020 - In a statement sent to Addis Standard, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) said it is "extremely concerned about the humanitarian

From left: Medihane Ekubamichael, Bekalu Alamirew and Udi Mussa By Mahlet Fasil @MahletFasil Addis Abeba, November 11/2020 - The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) confirmed that four more journalists were arrested overnight. They are Haftu Gebregzhiabher, Tsegaye Hadush, & Abreha Hagos from Ethiopian

Medihane Ekubamichael By Mahlet Fasil @MahletFasil Addis Abeba, November 10/2020 - The police on duty at Addis Abeba police station have this afternoon rearrested Medihane Ekubamichael, product editor at Addis Standard publication. https://twitter.com/addisstandard/status/1325828880817672192?s=20 Medihane was first detained on Saturday November 07 by members of the city's police