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Ethiopia Crisis

  Liyat Fekade & Etenesh Abera Addis Abeba, February 12/2018 - At least four people, including one member of the Oromia police force, were killed and eleven others were injured on Sunday February 11 after federal security forces opened fire at a camp sheltering thousands of civilians

By: Awol Allo, Hassan Hussein, Mohammed Ademo and Tsedale Lemma Addis Abeba, February 07/2018 — Ethiopia’s much-touted pledge to release political prisoners in order to foster national consensus and widen the democratic space turned out to be much ado about nothing. Thirty-five days after Prime Minister

  Daniel Behailu (PhD), for Addis Standard Addis Abeba, January 31/2018 - Ethiopia is in a chaotic state of facts for the last five years and in the last three years the chaos has grown into a different phase. There have been persistent resistance mainly in