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Ethiopia Crisis

Photo: Oromo festival goers chant protest slogans during the deadly Irreecha festival in Oct. 2016.   Ezekiel Gebissa, Special to Addis Standard Addis Abeba, March 23/2018 - In his widely acclaimed book, Seeing Like a State: How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed, James C.

  Etenesh Abera Addis Abeba, March 21/2018 - In a statement released this afternoon, the secretariat of the command post established to oversee the implementation of Ethiopia's latest state of emergency, said Ethiopians who have fled in to the Kenyan border following the army's killing of civilians

The latest crisis in Ethiopia following the killing of civilians by army members in Moyale has so far displaced above 40, 000 Ethiopians     Hassen Hussein, For Addis Standard   Addis Abeba, March 21/2018 - Preoccupied by the internal upheavals that their own country is undergoing, Ethiopians can