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A Tigrayan woman stories who's a victim of sexual violence tells her story. Photo: UNFPA Addis Abeba - A group of 63 worldwide human rights organizations including Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International (AI) have appealed to the permanent representatives of member and observer states

Shashemene is among major cities undergoing merger and restructuring, Photo: Experience Oromia, Ethiopia/Facebook Addis Abeba - The Oromia regional government has announced major restructuring and merger of cities and creation of new zonal administration under the name “North Borana” to foster urban development and tackle problems

Civilians fleeing clashes in Laas Caanood are seeing refugee in Ethiopia. Picture: Somalidalnd.com Addis Abeba - European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations said that more than 95,000 new refugees and/or asylum seekers are estimated to have crossed into the Doolo and Warder zones