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Members of the Amhara Special Forces surrounded by protesters who took to the streets in several cities and towns in the region against the federal government’s decision. Photo: Social Media Addis Abeba - Aid agency Catholic Relief Services said it was “devastated” by the death

Members of the Amhara Special Forces during this year's celebration of Adwa Victory (Photo: Amhara Police Commission/Facebook) Addis Abeba - The security situation in Amhara region is changing fast as civilians in various cities of the region staged protests against the government’s “practical activities” to dissolve

Prosperity Party (PP) logo Addis Abeba - The ruling Prosperity Party (PP) issued a stern warning to opposition “political actors” and social media influencers to refrain from “illegal and unprincipled activities” related to the federal government’s move to disband and reintegrate controversial regional spacial