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Addis Abeba - The annual report by the US-based Freedom House has once again labeled Ethiopia among countries that are “not free" with a freedom score of 21 out of 100. The Freedom House has assessed a range of activities in Ethiopia in 2022 in terms

Brothers Noor Musae Noor (right) and Abdi Shukur (left) wait with their children near the border to be relocated to Mirqaan settlement in the Somali region of Ethiopia. Photo: UNHCR Addis Abeba - 1,036 most vulnerable and newly arrived refugees in the Somali region of Ethiopia, who

Meskerem Abera (Photo: Meskerem Abera/Facebook) Addis Abeba - Meskerem Abera, founder and owner of “Ethio Nikat“, a YouTube-based media, who was arrested for the third time on Sunday by members of the federal police and security officers wearing civilian clothes in the capital Addis Abeba, has