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Our Art and Entertainment Editor Zela Gayle shares with us the life of  Aron Mitu, an Ethiopian born dancer, model and actress with an ambition to close the gap between her culture and an all European environment

Aron Mitu remembers feeling sad and confused upon leaving Ethiopia when she was just ten years old. Growing up in Slovakia where her parents migrated for work and study, little Aron was forced to accept her importance as the only Ethiopian in her school. There she realized how fortunate she was to have spent the first ten years of her life in Ethiopia, the country of her Birth, because everywhere she went people stared; classes were often disrupted because pupils could only concentrate on detecting her difference. Later on this was to set a pattern of visibility for Aron as she rejected her parent’s desires for her future as an academic and went on fulfilling her inner dreams of becoming a professional dancer & choreographer.