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The world’s finest skincare and beauty products company is coming to Ethiopia; it feels it came to its rightful place

Alem C

According to the official company profile of Elizabeth Grant, a worldwide renowned multi-million dollar company producing the finest skincare and beauty products, its founder Elizabeth “did not always have the flawless skin she has today. Damaged during the Second World War, her skin was a constant source of personal shame and embarrassment – to the point where she avoided going out in public and living her life fully.”

The dramatic and moving experiences of three young Ethiopian competitors in the recent Olympic and Paralympic games in London are captured in a powerful new documentary, Hopes of Ethiopia II. The ten-minute film is a follow up to an earlier film highlighting the participants’ hopes and dreams before the competitions.

The three characters featured in the documentary are Yanet Seyoum, Ethiopia’s first female Olympic swimmer; an 800 and 1500 meter Paralympics runner, Tesfalem Gebru, and the 800 meter Olympic runner and a new sensation in Ethiopia’s athletics, Mohammed Aman.