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Andrew DeCort

Professor Donald N. Levine (June 16, 1931 – April 4, 2015), affectionately known to the greater Ethiopian community as Gash Liben Gebre Etyopiya, was a man I was graced to call my professor, and then also a mentor, and finally also a cherished father-friend. It is with immense gratitude and admiration that I offer these reflections on the kind of man and the quality of mind that I encountered in Gash Liben over the eight years that I studied and worked with him.

Born in 1972 in Ethiopia, Daniel Lemma left Ethiopia at a tender age to Sweden. Now based in Swedish Daniel is emerging musician/singer-songwriter who first came to fame Lemma first became in 2000 when he provided the soundtrack for Josef Fares’ film Jalla Jalla. Daniel’s music is intimately connected to what music critics say is roots music; American folk music with more ties to early blues and gospel. Recently Daniel came to his birth place Ethiopia during which time he gave Addis Standard an exclusive interview on his works, past and present. Excerpts: