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If you think stepping on a scale and weighing yourself gives you the whole picture about the risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, think again! Measuring your waistline may be more important than weighing your whole self.

 Faben Getachew



For the most part people are unaware of visceral fat – or of what is commonly known as belly fat- and the great health risks associated with it. Most think that it merely poses nuisance for people who want to look good in their clothes. But the fat you carry around your waistline may be more dangerous to your health than any other fat in any other part of your body regardless of whether you are overweight or not.

Ashenafi Zedebub

If we just take a glance at our dictionary – old or advanced – the meaning of friendship remains the same. “A friendship is a feeling which exists between friends”. In this sense, a neighbor can be a friend. Friendship can also exist between colleagues, school-mates, club members, extra, extra.

Here in our society, we have heard a great deal about best friends of the same sex. We have also heard a lot about friendship with fraternal affection. But much to my regret, almost nobody seems to be interested in the so-called “pure friendship” between a man and a woman.