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OLA fighters (Photo: Social Media) Addis Abeba - Intense fighting supported with heavy weaponry has been going on in several parts of the Oromia region between fighters of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) and government forces since the first attempt to peacefully resolve the war was

Ororo/Bokkuu, a stick that symbolizes power in the Gada system (Photo: Amensisa Ifa/Facebook) By Mirgissa Kaba @MirgissaK & Girma Gutema @Abbaacabsa Introduction Yonas Biru (PhD) is a retired economist who once worked for The World Bank (TWB) and still affiliates himself with the TWB (save “the former” tag

A man passing by a destroyed tank in Tigray (Photo: Tigray Television) By Haftu Hindeya Gebremeskel I have lived in hell with my family! Mekelle, Tigray - In the past two years of war in Tigray, we lived in a manmade siege and blockade that parallels hell. This