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Daniel Bekele PhD, Chief Commissioner, EHRC (Right), Rakeb Mesele, Deputy Chief Commissioner, EHRC (Left) (Photo: Addis Standard) Addis Abeba - The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said conflict, insecurity, attacks by armed groups, and security measures by government forces continued to cause civilian deaths, bodily injuries

Ari traditional dance (Photo: Authors) By Prof. Gebre Yntiso Deko & Dr. Asress Adimi Gikay @DrAsressGikay Ethiopia - The Mosaic of People One of the defining features of Ethiopia is its diversity - ethnic, linguistic, and religious. The country is considered as a museum of ethnic groups and

A scene inside one of Ethiopia's infamous textile factories (Photo: foreignpolicy.com) By Zelalem Takele @ZelalemTak11163 Addis Abeba – In the last two decades, Ethiopia has undergone a remarkable economic transformation, with a focus on industrialization to drive growth. Through strategic plans and policies, the country has made significant progress