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Photo: saudi-expatriates website Addis Abeba: Saudi Arabia has announced the reopening of doors for domestic workers after three years long of deferment, limiting the recruitment fee for domestic agencies to 1,840 USD, the country's local media reported. The decision fits with the Ministry's ongoing efforts to

Mekelle city, Tigray (Picture: FBC) By Mihret G Kristos @MercyG_kirstos Addis Abeba - Banks in Tigray are facing cash shortage and therefore significantly limited the amount of money one can withdraw due to widespread cash hoarding after the central bank dispensed 5 billion birr to Tigray in February. The

Nationwide consultations on transitional justice policy options was launched on Monday 06 March (Picture: ETV) Addis Abeba - Several leaders of opposition political parties who were invited to take part in the ongoing nationwide consultations on transitional justice policy options have walked out of a meeting