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Mahlet Fasil

Addis Abeba, March 6/2017 – As fresh terrorism charges against several individuals surge following the yearlong public protests that led to the current state of emergency, prosecutors in Ethiopia have today charged a group of 76 individuals with various articles of Ethiopia’s infamous Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (ATP).

Addis Abeba, March 3/2017: Too often, people tend to focus on what divides them rather than what we have in common. In that regard, art and culture can play an important role in bringing people together and reminding us of the many things we share. As part of ongoing efforts to promote cultural understanding and acceptance, the U.S. Embassy is pleased to announce that KEIGWIN+COMPANY, an electrifying contemporary dance group from New York, will share its theatrical and exciting interpretation of dance with Ethiopians from March 6-16, 2017.

Addis Abeba, March 03/2017 – Despite a six month nationwide state of emergency declared in Oct. 2016 and was hoped to restore a military style law and order throughout the country, weeks-long cross border incursions by armed militiamen into many localities in eastern and southern part of Oromia, (bordering the Ethiopian Somali regional state, in east and south east Ethiopia) have left more than 100 people dead and the destruction of unknown amount of properties, a local resident said in a phone interview with Addis Standard.