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“…moral development is highly informative in making sense of what is going on around us today. As evident in our political, professional, and daily social life, while those hypocrite, wicked and inept individuals are well embraced and granted significant public positions simply on account of their mere submissiveness, loyalty, affinity and relatedness; in contrast, those highly enlightened, independent-minded, and decent individuals are, by and large, alienated…”

Taye Negussie (PHD)

 One of the ironical developments evident in today’s world is the unfolding of grave social injustices – discrimination, abject poverty, inequality, and alienation–at the time when the world has registered unprecedented levels of material prosperity and technological achievements.

The vicious cycle of the lives of Ethiopian women in the Middle East shows no sign of end

Hone Mandefro

Following the oil boom witnessed since the ‘70s in the Gulf States, the hunt for foreign domestic workers, mostly women, to take up jobs less favored by the locals has seen a steep upward trend.  In Ethiopia, thanks to the removal in 1991 of exit visa requirements, immigration to the Middle East and to some extent the Gulf States quadrupled. Now it is taken as a means to earn a decent livelihood especially among women from urban families.

Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon are the major destinations for two main reasons: geographical proximity and the zero level of education qualifications required to secure a visa and presumably well-paying jobs.

Dear Editor,

Your story on the election for chairmanship of the AUC deserves my appreciation (The AUC and its election ruin, February 2012).

It is true that South Africa’s sudden involvement in the affairs of the election had caused more damages to the AUC in particular and to the continent in general than many of us would like to admit at this point in time. Your story sheds some lights and tried to show the major concerns facing the continent following this unfortunate event at the AUC. But I was disappointed to find it thinner in its area of coverage than I would have liked it to be. Hence I would like to add a few more points to highlight a few other possible motives for President Jacob Zuma to push through the candidacy of SA’s Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma for the Chairperson of the AUC.