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Ethiopian coffee, long representing close to 30% of the country’s foreign exchange earnings, is suffering from neglect by a government that prides itself with achieving more than 10% GDP annual growth

Tarikua Getachew

Fifteen million Ethiopians, 20% of the population, depend on coffee production and coffee-related activities, and coffee is cultivated by close to 3.8 million smallholder farming households. But to understand the state of Ethiopian coffee today one will have to imagine Switzerland without its banks and its watch makers.

“When you punish/remove a judge, you relegate him to a public defender”

Henok G. Gabisa, Special to Addis Standard

The concept of rule of law is deeply linked to the principle of justice, involving an ideal of accountability and fairness in the protection and vindication of rights and the prevention and punishment of wrongs. Whether it is from the time of ancient Cush civilization to Athenians democracy or back again from Oromo’s Gadaa democracy to the enlightenment era inspired US constitution, there is a clear and consistent jurisprudential narrative that human liberty, justice, equality, legitimacy, governance, security and rights are the rubrics and fabrics of societal mechanisms to avoid tyranny and promote rule of law. The ultimate goal boils down to having a “national” political system free of tyranny, governed by the rule of law which forms the core of a society in which individuals feel safe and secure; where legal protection is provided equally for all and disputes are settled peacefully and effective/fair redress is available for harm suffered, and where all who violate the law, including the State itself and its echelons, are held to account.

Newly rehabilitated micro dam enables more than 15,000 pastoral households to cope with droughts better by making water available for humans and livestock throughout the year

Haro Bake, Borena Zone, Ethiopia, November 3, 2015 – The community in Haro Bake today celebrated the opening of a rehabilitated micro dam that will increase its reservoir capacity by 502,800 cubic meters. The micro dam, rehabilitated with the support of the United States Government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), will enhance the community’s resilience and improve the nutritional status of families by saving the lives of thousands of livestock and increasing the amount of milk and meat obtained from them. The additional water harvested from the micro dam will enhance the ability of more than 15,000 households in the Borena rangelands and surrounding area to cope with failed rains and drought. The dam will also improve peace and security in the area by reducing conflict over dwindling water resources.