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By Chris Patten

London – I used to be considered a pretty good forecaster of British and other countries’ elections. I was, after all, once a party chairman.

I can now confess my method. It was not based on any novel political insight. I did not have a magic algorithm relating economic factors to voting intentions – though I do think that there is some correlation between net disposable income and how people normally vote. But my own technique, which I still use, has proved more reliable than even poring over the political entrails in every constituency.

The 24th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union, to be held on January 30-31 arrives at a turning point as it coincides with the ending of the Millennium Development Goals and the onset of Agenda 2063, said Deputy Chair Person of the AUC, Erastus Mwencha. The Deputy Chairperson said elements of Agenda 2063 will put an input in the designing of post MDG.