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In 1976, thousands of black school children took to the streets of Soweto, South Africa. In a march more than half a mile long, they protested against the poor quality of their education and demanded their right to be taught in their own language. Hundreds of young boys and girls were shot dead by security forces. In the two weeks of protest that followed, more than a hundred people were killed and a thousand more injured.

Effective involvement of people in the process of policy and legislative development is in the interest of both the government and the people

 Taye Negussie (Phd)

It is not uncommon to hear people, here in Ethiopia, appreciating how fabulous a given government policy or legislation was, only if, had it been turned into concrete actions. The track record reveals that numerous policies, legislative acts and directives and even some international agreements or protocols being simply shelved and literally unknown to the larger public, or lukewarmly accepted and during implementation twisted to quite different directions.  


Dear editor,

So loved Harar! One of the most special and exotic places on earth! Thanks for your keen observations. I’ve been to many of the earth’s pulse points and this is a big huge one! The women’s colorful clothing alone can compete with Indian women and send you in a head spin with their beauty! Amazing friendly people and culture, living in the ancient and contemporary times all at once! Loved, my time there!

Eva Cherry