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Two million people call the Las Vegas area home; another forty million tourists from all over the globe visit every year. It is an area sixty-five miles from the most nuclear-bombed  place on earth, yet no one worries about it, writes our US Correspondent Tomas Mega, from Nevada                             

Imagine what it would be like living sixty-five miles from the most nuclear-bombed place on earth.   Visualize a place where not one detonation took place, as in Hiroshima in1945, but a place where 1,042 nuclear detonations have occurred.  Try to get your brain around the fact that the largest of those 1,042 nuclear detonations had the power of 1.3 million tons of TNT, nearly eighty-seven times the power of the bomb that fell on Hiroshima.  Just one. 

Mahlet Fasil

Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda said they will send a stabilization and protection force to the troubled state of South Sudan as early as mid-April this year. At the end of the 25th extraordinary session of the IGAD assembly of Heads of State and Government, chief South Sudan mediator Amb. Seyoum Mesfin said, “we want to see the effective implementation of this mechanism at the earliest possible time.”