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Faben Getachew

Moringa tree, (also known at least by a dozen more other names such as horseradish tree, benzolive tree, and drumstick tree) is native to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It’s no ordinary tree but one that is believed to have a great potential in food security, sustainable land care and improved nutritional status. Nutritionists say it is one of the most fast growing, powerful health-enhancing plants, natural energy booster and a powerhouse of nutrients.

The perilous political playground in Mali is complicated; but it’s explicable

Harvey Glickman

The recent coup in Mali not only revealed the fragility of African electoral democracies—something of a trend in recent years after decades of instability and military rule—but it also exposed a kind of domino effect of the North African “Arab spring” in the countries of “the Sahel,” just south, west to east, straddling the Sahara desert.

Amidst recent security setbacks in the continent of Africa, one forum attempts to find homemade solutions

Selahadin Eshetu

In connection with the celebration of the first anniversary of the building of the Grand Millennium Dam over the Blue Nile, Ethiopians were given a rare opportunity to phone in and ask questions of their likings to their Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi. One caller asked the Prime Minister if he knew the exact source of the Nile River, a river that continued to be a source of tense political tone between riparian countries. The Prime Minister replied “yes, but since there are several claims of places as a source of Nile river, it is better to consider Lake Tana as a source of the [Blue] Nile River.”