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In an attempt to make sense of beyond winning (and losing) elections in Ethiopia, in the last two pieces, Tsegaye R. Ararssa of the University of Melbourne Law School embarked on the exploration of the growing pulse of societal disenchantment with the imperial system, especially in the 1960s. This disenchantment reached its climax and eventually found its expression through the 1974 popular uprising. In the third part of this thought provoking article, Tsegaye takes it up from there to wrap up his reflection on the past and point out some of the outstanding current issues that are itching contemporary Ethiopia as its citizens go to the ballot this coming weekend.

When a horrific crime or act of terrorism occurs in America, it is often a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction for Americans to want the person or persons put to death, says Addis Standard’s U.S. correspondent Tomas Mega, but America’s system of justice allows for seemingly endless appeals for those sentenced to death, requiring families and loved ones of the victims to relive those horrific events

Eight-year-old Martin Richard was standing only a few meters from the pressure cooker bomb fashioned by the Tsaranev brothers when it detonated on April 15, 2013 at the Boston Marathon. He was killed; literally torn apart. His six-year old sister, Jane, had her leg blown off and his mother, Denise, lost an eye in the explosion. Bill Richard, Martin’s father, also received injuries. Two others were killed by the blast, and another, a university police officer, was murdered by the Tsaranev brothers days after the attack. The bombing also left nearly 260 people wounded, many of whom lost limbs.