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Gareth Evans

By Gareth Evans

Canberra- – There is a long history of misconceived and over-reaching foreign military intervention in the Middle East, and it is to be hoped that US President Barack Obama’s decision to wage war against the Islamic State will not prove to be another. No terrorist group more richly deserves to be destroyed outright than these marauding, genocidal jihadists. But as the US-led mission is currently conceived and described, it is not clear whether its objectives are achievable at acceptable costs in terms of time, money, and lives.

Julphar’s investments in Ethiopia help meet local demand on affordable high quality medicines and reduce reliance on imports

In a step that reflects the growing importance of the Ethiopian market for its investments, Julphar, the leading UAE global pharmaceutical company, sponsored the inaugural of Ethiopia Healthcare Summit, which kicked off this week in the Addis Abeba, in presence of over 200 industry experts and investors.

By Carlos Lopes
When in March this year Guinean authorities reported the first positive tests for Ebola in the West African region, the news came as a surprise for scientists and were treated passively by most. After all Ebola had killed over a period of thirty years more than two thousand people, since it was first discovered in Yambuku, in the DRC. Never did it surface outside the Great Lakes and it has never been perceived as a threat for an entire country.