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Dr. Henok Wendirad (DVM)

On 20th – 22nd, June 2012, the UNCSD also known as Rio+20 will take place in Rio de Janeiro.  Rio+20 is a key milestone in a series of major United Nations conferences, in which the 1992 Earth Summit, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, was the pride and joy for its proponents that put sustainable development as a top priority on the agenda of the UN and the international community.

The conference has two themes agreed upon by the member states: Green economy within the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication and Securing Institutional framework for sustainable development.

BY JOANNE BRUNO (courtesy Chef Marcus Samuelson)

Most of the time when a craving hits, it’s for two things: carbs and cheese. Usually together.

And while I generally try to convince myself that even though I may think I want mac and cheese all day every day, what I really want is an apple or a salad or both….sometimes I just have to give in. On those days, I make grilled cheese.

Not only is it a pretty portion controlled way to get your carb/cheese fix, but it can also be rolled-up to give it a bit more “oomph” factor.  These grilled goat cheese sandwiches are the perfect example of this. 

Zela Gayle

The African Union hosted the Hub of Africa 2012 Fashion Week at its new Conference Centre here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

 Clairvoyant Marketing Agency and In the Bag and Origin Africa joined forces with African Cotton and Textile Industries Federation (ACTIF) in organizing the event, held from the 24th – 27th April 2012, to highlight African designers’ trend and their growing consideration to the environment and the social impact of the  fashion industry.