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PM Hailemariam offers lucrative incentives to animal husbandry and meat export businesses but he may wish to fix the country’s institutional mess first  

Tsedale Lemma


Coming face to face with a sea of business men and women in one large ball room and looking directly into their eyes is surely an intimidating experience for a first timer;   coming face to face with a sea of unhappy business men and women in one large ball room and looking directly into their eyes and then listening to their grievances is for sure both intimidating and bulky. In just about a month and a few days after taking office, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has decided to face the later. By any account, on Wednesday Oct. 24th he may have taken to his office more assignments than what he came prepared to take after his first account with a mass of unhappy industrialists in Ethiopia.  

Ethiopians are largely known as conservatives, but  recent trends in urban areas reveal they are every thing but that

By Rose Mestika

Ethiopia, like many other countries in the world, is a land of diverse tradition, multiple languages and ethnic composition. It also prides itself of being the only country in the continent that has its own alphabets, and a unique calendar, and, of course, the only country that has “never been colonized.”

It was Defense Minister Ehud Barak who needed this war badly, but he may be the one who will be the bad loser


Ran HaCohen (PhD), Middle East Contributor, Tel Aviv

The narrow Gaza Strip – just 365 sq. km (70% of Addis Ababa’s municipal area) off sea-shore surrounded by barbed-wire is home to 1.5 million Palestinians, most of them families deported or who were forced to flee Israel during the 1948 War. Functioning as Israel’s penal colony (even Palestinian trouble-makers from the West-Bank were traditionally dumped there), it must be disciplined on a regular basis: to show who the boss is, to keep the military in good shape, to test newly developed weapons and to boost Israel’s global military export. Poverty leads to Islamic radicalization, hopelessness leads to violent resistance, like terrorizing surrounding Israeli towns by rockets and missiles.