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Though it ended 150 years ago, the bitterness caused by the American Civil War continues to reverberate; why has so little changed when so much has changed?,our U.S. correspondentTomas Mega asks

On the evening of June 17th, twenty-one year old Dylan Roof walked into the historic Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in Charleston, South Carolina and murdered six black women and three black men. Mr. Roof is white. After being welcomed and participating in a prayer group for an hour, he pulled out a Glock45-calibre handgun and methodically began shooting, reloading his weapon multiple times. He is alleged to have said, “I have to do it. You rape our women and you are taking over our country. You have to go.”


Yanis Varoufakis

Athens – Greece’s public debt has been put back on Europe’s agenda. Indeed, this was perhaps the Greek government’s main achievement during its agonizing five-month standoff with its creditors. After years of “extend and pretend,” today almost everyone agrees that debt restructuring is essential. Most important, this is true not just for Greece.