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An 18-member Technical Committee on the Formation of Interim South West Administration has been approved at a ceremony held in Mogadishu. The President, Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament r all attended the ceremony along with figures from south western Somali regions. A press release from the office of the Prime Minister said the formation of the technical committee is an important first step towards the implementation of the agreement reached by the opposing sides in south western Somali region.

Mesenbet Assefa

I was provoked to contribute to the debate on the right to freedom of expression when I read your Editorial about the significance of freedom of expression in serving as a market place of ideas in a democratic society. Given the topical significance of the subject, I thought it would be interesting to highlight some of the foundational principles and raison d’être which try to respond to the question why do we protect freedom of expression in a democratic society. While the theory of the market place of ideas and the search for truth are some of the most important justifications for the protection of freedom of expression; I would even argue and take the argument further stating that freedom of expression defines the rise and fall of nations.