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 Dear Editor,

I had an interesting read on your magazine about the plight of women in Ethiopia (Domestic abuse against women in Ethiopia: the price of not knowing her pain, March 2013). You made an interesting point in arguing that if we do not know the extent of the problem – even if we know it exists – fixing it will not be easy. In my country Norway, we have publicly available data on everything from abuse against prostitutes to domestic abuse against housewives. Indeed its prevalence is a lot less when compared to its prevalence in Ethiopia and other countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. However, it is the understanding of everyone involved in addressing the problem that it needs, first and foremost, be identified properly. It was also disturbing to read that the role of the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association in solving these problems is cut back because of a law that is not as likely to be enforced properly as it is meant to hassle. It is a shame.

Maria Storeng

A Norwegian in Addis Ababa

Reviewed by Andrew DeCort 

Amidst strong competition, it’s debatable whether  deserved to win this year’s Oscar for Best Picture. But it’s undoubtedly a great movie, and it’s worth paying attention to for at least six reasons.

First,  doesn’t hesitate to expose the moral shadiness of the US’s relations with Iran as the backdrop to the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis. 

Ashenafi Zedebub

Nowadays, it is not at all strange to see women being posted at a higher – or even  at the highest top sometimes – level in either government or non-government organizations.  Today, we seen women named or elected to hold office of a prime minister, minister, bank president, CEO of  insurance establishments and other organizations; to see them appointed  as speaker of parliament, as a judge, as notary public, as editor-in-chief of mass media and what not.