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The use of technology helps us ease the burdens of doing things the hard way. But it is more meaningful when used at the right time in the right way

Taye Negussie (Phd)

Ordinarily, we resort to the aid of modern technologies to carry out different tasks:  for production purpose, service provision, transporting of people or goods, or leisure activities. But, why do we employ modern technologies? What are the forces which induce us to employ modern technologies? What do we gain if we employ them and what do we lose if we don’t? Do we really foresee the pros and cons of our technological choices?

The country’s constitution entitles people under custody to a dignified treatment. Recent stories from its prisons reveal otherwise.

Kiya Tsegaye

Andualem Aragie


Following the infamous mass detention by the police in June 2011 of more than two dozen individuals, unsettling news of physical abuses against the detainees, particularly members of opposition political parties, are widely surfacing.

News of physical abuse emerged after the arrest on June 19, 2011 of Wubshet Taye, deputy editor-in-chief of the Amharic weekly Awramba Times, a newspaper known for its critical view of the Ethiopian government. However, details were sketchy and Wubshet preferred to remain silent after he first indicated that he had been beaten by his interrogators. In the following

Mark N. Katz

While America (along with many others in the West and the Arab World) have called for the imposition of UN Security Council economic sanctions against Syria’s Assad regime, Russia (along with China) had blocked them.  This is just one more sign that Syria is becoming an increasingly serious bone of contention between Washington and Moscow.

But is it really?  The level of Russian-American recrimination over Syria has certainly increased dramatically.  The Kremlin, however, may have several reasons to believe that the Obama Administration does not actually want to see the downfall of the Assad regime—and that Washington thus finds Russia’s opposition to Security Council resolutions against Syria, which the U.S. supports publicly, to be quite useful.  There are three reasons why Moscow might well think this: