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A country’s ability to take care of its needy people speaks volumes about its well being than mere numbers 

Mahlet Fasil & Kalkidan Yibeltal  

A pensioner for 23 years, Getahun Assefa, 83, of the former Imperial Guard, recalls nostalgically the days when it was possible to get by with his meager retirement benefit of less than US$20 (342 birr), small as it was. But the soaring cost of living in the past couple of years has made it almost impossible to make his ends met. Trying to lead a family of four (his wife and three children) with his retirement money means Getahun’s life is marked by a struggle for survival on a daily base. If he is to lead a somewhat dignified life, the government needs to “increase my pay”, he told Addis Standard.

The Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service and Federal Police Joint Anti-Terrorism Taskforce said yesterday that it has captured two terrorist cells in Ethiopia belonging to a terrorist sect called Kaworja.

The Taskforce said the terrorist cells it has captured were comprised of a group of 25 individuals who were organized in two groups and were linked to two global terrorist cells: Al-Shabab and Al-Qaeda. According to a statement from the Taskforce, the two groups have taken training in neighboring Somalia.

The announcement came less than a week after the US government issued an alert warning claiming it has credible information about potential terrorist–linked activities in Ethiopia, and soon after the Taskforce said it has apprehended a man who was preparing to carryout terror attack in Addis Abeba.