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Not if Russian President Vladimir Putin can help it!

Mark N. Katz 

But can he help it?  Authoritarian rulers elsewhere have tried to prevent democratic revolution against them.  Some have done this successfully – often for a long period of time – but have eventually succumbed.  Other authoritarian regimes, by contrast, have managed to face down any and all opposition, and remain firmly in charge.

The song of Pan-Africanism cannot be sung in today’s Africa the same way as it was half a century ago


Eyob Balcha, special to Addis Standard



Pan-Africanism then

Think about a young African in the late 1950s or in the 1960s on the streets of Algiers, Accra or Arusha. You will get a characteristic picture of a youth-hood that hardly escapes from the ideals and debates of freedom and independence, and from the categorical distinction of Socialism/Marxism vs. Capitalism/Imperialism. The widespread grass root social movements for noble ideas of social justice and equality would also have high probability of enlightening the youth’s perspective.