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For the first time in Ethiopian music history, a young man’s band is taking Gospel songs to another level

Zela Gayle


The 1960s in Ethiopia was an era of prominent musicians who gave live musical performances on a theatrical stage than that of today’s growing culture of bands performing in nightclubs supported by synthesizers. Dawit Getachew takes us back to that era with his new concert band.

Ashenafi Zedebub As the prominent French author Guy de Maupassant once  said “when two people love each other nothing is imperative and delightful to them than giving; to give always  - ones thoughts, ones life, ones body, and all that one has and feel the gift

Reviewed by Andrew DeCort 

The Motion Picture Association of America states that a PG-rated movie contains no “drug use” and thus only merits the “suggestion” of “parental guidance,” while an R-rated movie may contain “drug abuse” and is only appropriate for “adults.” By that rule, it’s hard to tell whether The Life of Pi should have been rated “PG” or “R.”