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Ethiopia blames Eritrea for the unrest; conflicting reports on the exact number of loss of lives

Unconfirmed reports claim at least eleven people, six of them police officers, have been killed in the last two days in Gondar city and its environs in Northern Ethiopia. The incident followed a confrontation between members of the “Wolkayit committee” and the police, as the later attempted to arrest some members of the committee, a university student from Gondar University, told Addis Standard over the phone.

Mahlet Fasil  

Abraha Desta, executive member of the opposition Arena Tigray, who has been arrested exactly two years from today, has just been released.

Abraha was arrested shortly after Ethiopian security officials took Andargachew Tsige, a British national who is now on a death row in Ethiopia and a senior member of the outlawed Ginbot Seven (G7) opposition group, from Yemen.